Thesis CardioSmart -An outpatient cardiac rehabilitation center


“To design a facility to improve independence and mobility of patients, undergoing cardiac (physical) rehabilitation.”

Healthcare product options were extremely limited and poor. There were few healthcare specialty manufacturers and those that were in existence were driven by functional needs, with little emphasis on aesthetics. A healthcare design which maximizes efficiency, safety, sustainability, and use of technology, did not necessarily lead to a positive experience for those receiving care. In fact while clinically excellent, healthcare environments could be very cold, non-supportive, alienating and isolating; unpleasant places in which to receive care. A better fundamental level (design) can change the system and re- align it around the patient’s needs.

To design a better rehabilitation center for cardiac patients needs to be concerned with the patient needs for a holistic environment and with infection control, clean-sweep areas and high performance surfaces. Focusing on patient/staff safety first, way finding, room function and detail, day lighting and artificial lighting design, framed views, fine details, forms and visual textures.

“We shape our buildings, and afterwards our buildings shape us”- by Robert N. Myer

  • To use the holistic and sustainability approach for the rehabilitation center.
  • Humanize and deinstitutionalize welcoming space which enhances the building ability.
  • To provide a positive physical, emotional and spiritual environment for the patients and occupants.

PARTI- My 2D parti diagram illustrates a holistic natural pattern which shows the overlaying of shapes and pat- terns suggesting the overall and individual relationship nature. My CardioSmart Rehabilitation Center connects the Mind, Body and the Soul to each other by overlapping their functions in life and nature.

Technical Skills- Auto CAD, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator, Adobe In-design, Sketch up, Kerkythea

All age Patients with cardiac diseases
Healthcare Design- Thesis Project