Hotel Nourish- Lobby, Bistro, Guestrooms (1st Runner up A’Design Interior Spaces and Exhibition Design Award)


INSPIRATION : Three Layers of Inspiration Space layout: Tea Plantations during monsoon season.
Light Design Concept: The rings of formed in rain water.
Design Concept – Leaf diagram.

CONCEPT: Nourish your body and rejuvenate your soul. A green House get away resort in the heart of Boston.A hotel providing an escape to foggy green mountains, take you away from all the noise and crowd of the city.A random flow found in the structure of a leaf, creates unique fragments resembles the flow and different perspectives of life. With this thought the guestrooms are created to feel serene and peaceful, to have a pause from the fast routine life.

CONCEPT BISTRO : It’s a kitchen for the whole tree.The unique objects in the space are the seating booths inserted in and surrounded by the undulating green plantings. It should feel like having a picnic while enjoying meals in these seating. The end bench has casters, thus moves in and out easily. This space should feel refreshing as “First Showers of Monsoon”.

OPERATION/ FLOW/ INTERACTION : The main entry to the restaurant is from adjacent road. While the back entry is the part of the conceptual hotel called Hotel NOURISH on Boylston street located in downtown Boston, USA. It is a boutique hotel where people come to rejuvenate themselves. Eating food that help detox, with yoga classes and cooking classes. The hotel Nourish has restaurant Nour that serves great meals and is open to public as well.

MATERIALS : Wood patterned 3form for the seating booths. The green wall like plantations in the surrounds the booths, could be any low growing plants. The Black reflected surface like laminated glass on the wall across the windows to reflect the interior space to appear larger and expanded. The fabric is water resistant. The light design has 2" diameter thin glass balls that are beaded together and gives an impression of falling monsoon rains. They are NOT self illuminated. But they surrounds a recess lights and light directed towards them to glow. These glass balls chandeliers are arranged a water rings.

Technical Skills- Auto CAD, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator, Adobe In-design, Sketch up, Podium

Hotel Nourish- Boylston St, Boston,MA
Hospitality & Restaurant Design- Team Project